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Regency Capital

Felix Sater's LinkedIn profile details his starting work for Regency Capital as far back as what would have been his time in Russia, January 1998.  On LinkedIn, he listed it as Regency Investment Group but as you can see under his picture it is Regency Capital Group.  It may be referred to as both.  Note it is only within a year following the start of Regency, he's working with Bayrock and Tevfik Arif. 


(His FBI cooperation agreement was signed December 1998, so his work with Bayrock began by the following month.)

Two of the names listed on the Regency Investment Group website are Sarah May and Alex May.

There is also a Sarah May with same phone number connected to a Welcome Home Realty in the Littleton, Colorado area.

Sarah May's LinkedIn profile has her listed as Managing Director.

Sarah May appears to have started work with Regency August of 2016, so this was shortly following when discussions regarding Trump Tower Moscow with I.C. Expert, Andrey Rozov, and Michael Cohen ended.

Sarah's work with Welcome Home Realty, LLC started around June of 2010, which is coincidentally when the Russian spies were arrested (Illegals Program) during the Russian Reset area.  One of the infamous spies arrested and deported back to Russia of the 11 was Anna Chapman.

It is unclear how Sarah would have traveled the life path of working with Lockheed Martin on space and mechanical engineering tied to Orion/NASA efforts, and also gone into real estate.  Yet that's what is reflected on her career outline.

The other person who is listed on the Regency website, Alex May, has similar background according to his LinkedIn profile.  Notable difference being while he listed in his title Real Estate Investor, he doesn't have Regency listed out as Sarah does on her profile.

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