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Felix Sater Skullduggery Intro

"Every age gets the hero it deserves, and Sater seems perfectly suited for ours,..."

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Childhood -

Wall St Years


Research reviews what is known regarding Felix's childhood through early years on Wall Street, up thru a couple years following the infamous 1991 bar fight.

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Stock Scam


Reviews what is known regarding the stock fraud scam involving White Rock, later renamed State Street, resulting indictments.

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Sater Goes to Russia; Stinger Missiles, Bin Laden, PLUS Regency Capital (1996-2002?)

Covers the period following the collapse of White Rock/State Street during which Felix Sater goes to Russia for business deals post-Soviet Union collapse; reported recruitment by Defense Intelligence Agency; hunt for Stinger missiles, Bin Laden, intel on Al Qaeda


Bayrock Years


Reviews Sater's known work with Bayrock, Tevfik Arif, other known employees and real estate development projects 

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Rixos Hotels, Sembol Construction, Mirax Group


Reviews Sater's known consultant work for Mirax Group, Rixos, and Sembol Construction between 2005-2010

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BTA Bank, Kazakh Oligarchs, Litco


Covers Sater's known work in Kazakhstan with BTA Bank, his company Litco, the money laundering lawsuit filed in 2019, ongoing court battle

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Patrick Byrne Deep Capture-Sater Allegations; 2019 Reversal


Reviews the history and timeline of Patrick Byrne's allegations regarding Felix Sater, his alleged ties to the Michael Milken and Mogilevich networks, how Byrne's (and Mark Mitchell's) claims regarding Sater-Mogilevich ties ended up in a 2015 Supreme Court writ; Byrne's later reversal Aug 2019 

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9/11 Financial Crimes Allegations: gold money laundering

OPTIONAL READ: Unclear if this unpublished report of research is entirely accurate or if it has to do with Felix Sater; in 2016 interview post-election, he referred to 9/11 financial crimes.  Unpub. 2008 report review goes into alleged stolen gold and massive money laundering into the trillions of dollars

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Lawyers Fight To Unseal Sater's Government Files 2009-2019

Research into two lawyers' long legal battle to force the government to unseal Sater's records detailing his assistance to them

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Felix Sater Trump Tower Moscow Efforts 2015-16

Known facts 2015 to present including Trump Tower Moscow deal, Loretta Lynch testimony, Ukraine peace plan, Mueller testimony, House Intel Committee testimony

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Felix Sater Assorted Videos & Interviews


Collection of interviews Sater has given during allegations of "Russian collusion"

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Felix Sater Index Documents, Articles


Collection of documents, research, records, articles, etc. contained within this site

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About the website author's motivations and intentions in making this research available to the public

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