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What is a 5k1 letter?

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We know due to Felix Sater's extensive cooperation with the FBI he was not sentenced for his role in the stock fraud pump-and-dump scheme which took place between 1993-1996, until late 2009. The presiding judge in Felix's case was Leo Glasser and the 5k1 letter detailing a broad summary of his work is dated August 27, 2009.

The letter can be read in full here but will be covered in high-level detail below including excerpts, also, and links to other pages where these years of his life have been tackled to more depth. 

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"...Sater's cooperation was of a depth and breadth rarely seen."

The first pages detail the original crimes Sater committed in the 90s, specifically the bar fight/assault in 1991, and the resulting stock scam between 1993-1996. 

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