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Fisher MB LLC and

Connection to Maxim Temnikov

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Notice this is Maxim Temnikov, as well as his name backwards, and his wife (a guess) Elena Temnikov, as well as Felix Sater listed as the key people.  Fisher MB LLC purchased a condo in Miami, Florida for $4.8 million.

There are also two different Fisher Island properties noted in these records: both 7436 Fisher Island Dr and 5311 Fisher Island Dr.

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Watch this short video if you're unfamiliar with Fisher Island. It's under five minutes and briefly covers what it is like to live or vacation there.

Maxim's biography was stated this way in the SEC record for another one of his companies, Helpful Alliance Company:

Maxim Temnikov, Ph.D. is one of our founders and is the Company’s President, and Chief Executive Officer, which position he assumed in January 2015. Dr. Temnikov has been a member of our Board of Directors from January 2013, when he became our Chief Operating Officer. Prior to founding our Company, Dr. Temnikov joined Mr. Gurin at Helpful Technologies Inc. initially as a private investor, and then as its Vice President of Research and Development, and was elected its President for fiscal year 2014. Prior to relocating into the U.S. in September 2012, Temnikov joined a small construction company then known as “StroyMontazh” (Russian for “Construction Assembly”) and in seven years, together with other key players, turned it into one of Russia’s largest real-estate development companies with over 4,000 employees, over $1.5 billion in annual revenue, and more than $10 billion in construction projects under management – Mirax. During his career at Mirax, Temnikov served as the Vice President of Business Development from 2002 to 2006, when he became one of its operating stockholders, member of the Strategy Committee of Mirax Group’s Board of Directors from 2006 to 2010, and, from 2006 to 2010, a member of the Advisory Board of Mirax Management Company, an affiliate of Mirax Group responsible for organizing and overseeing the construction management segment of Mirax’s business. Starting from 2006, Temnikov focused on developing novel living concepts and creating a strategy for Mirax’s further growth. In June 2010, Mr. Temnikov was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mirax Management Company, where he served till November 2011. Under Temnikov’s leadership, Mirax Management expanded its operations from Russia into Ukrainian, Swiss, and British markets. Among other notable properties, Mirax built the Federation Tower, which is one of the tallest building in Europe, and the Mirax Park – an aggregate of over 1.5 million sq.ft. residential mega-complex, and Wellhouse on Leninskiy – one of the tallest buildings in Moscow. Temnikov stepped down from the Mirax Management’s leadership in November 2011, as Mirax began reorganizing into Potok Beskonechnost (Russian for “Flow of the Infinity”). Because Mr. Temnikov was in charge of construction operations and not in charge of administrative and financial segments of Mirax’s business, he was not involved in any restructuring activities, nor was made aware of actual facts surrounding the restructuring of Mirax into Potok. In June 2012, Mr. Temnikov was appointed Potok’s Managing Partner tasked to develop a strategy for Mirax/Potok’s revival. Having principal disagreements with the Mirax/Potok brands founder and principal owner, Mr. Polonsky, Temnikov left Potok in July 2012 and relocated into the United States to continue realizing his novel living concepts. Temnikov has never been Chairman of the Board of Mirax Group or Potok, and has not been involved with Mirax Group, Mirax Management Company or Potok operations since July 2012. Dr. Temnikov brings knowledge of operating global businesses and experience with acquisitions, including business and financial analysis, negotiations, structuring and execution. Dr. Temnikov holds dual Ph.D. degree in Chemistry and Urban Development from Oxford University, in addition to a law degree from Moscow University of Humanities earned in 2008 and Master degree in Chemical Engineering from St. Petersburg State University earned in 1994. We believe Dr. Temnikov’s extensive experience and education proven by the record of past performance in the area of real estate development provide adequate qualification for Dr. Temnikov’s nomination to the position of our Board member, President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Temnikov resides permanently in Miami Beach, Florida in valid U.S. permanent resident status granted in 2013.

Sales History - 7436 Fisher Island Dr


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Information related to business registration of F.I. Realty Corp.

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Miami Herald - August 29, 2017 -

'Before Russia Investigation, Felix Sater Helped Trump on Florida Condo'

After the Fort Lauderdale project launched, Sater bought a $4.8 million condo on fancy Fisher Island. Two years ago, he sold the unit for $5 million to a shell company with an address in Mexico, Miami-Dade County property records show.

September 2018 - TheRealDeal 

'Life among the 1%? Fisher Island couple sues after use of VIP ferry lane suspended'

"Ferry access to Fisher Island is so exclusive, owners and residents are banished to the back of the line if they or anyone going to their homes receives more than one speeding ticket traversing the ritzy community, according to a recently filed lawsuit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

The issue led biomedical research company honcho Maxim Temnikov and his wife Elena to sue the Fisher Island Community Association and its president Gary Snider. The couple is seeking a court injunction to restore their privileges for use of the ferry’s first lane, which is reserved for owners and residents only."

"Fisher Island’s 33109 zip code ranks as the country’s richest: Residents earn an average of $2.5 million a year, according to a Bloomberg analysis of 2015 tax data.

The lawsuit reveals how access to Fisher Island is so tightly controlled that even owners and renters risk being penalized for excessive speeding by anyone visiting their homes. In addition to maintenance and assessments, owners are required to pay about $30,000 a year to help cover the costs for operating and maintaining the island’s transportation system, including the ferry, which holds up to 20 vehicles and runs every 15 to 20 minutes, according to the complaint and documents provided by the Temnikovs."

"The Temnikovs, Fisher Island residents for eight years, allege that on Aug. 17, Maxim boarded the ferry when a security officer informed him that his access to the first lane had been suspended and that he and his wife “were banished” to the third lane. The couple claim they never received anything in writing that informed them that their access to the first lane was being suspended.

Maxim Temnikov, who is CEO of Sunny Isles Beach-based Vector Vitale, subsequently learned the reason their first lane privileges were suspended was because two delivery vehicles allegedly going to their home at 5311 Fisher Island received speeding tickets in June and July. The speed limit on Fisher Island is 19 miles per hour. Maxim and his attorney informed the community association that he had no control over the delivery drivers and requested that the association reconsider its suspension."

The lawsuit states that Virginia Hanley, the association’s director of administration, informed the Temnikovs that their first lane suspension was due to previous speeding violations in March and in November 2017. The Temnikovs allege that Hanley told them the association held two hearings that the couple did not attend to address the speeding violations. Hanley allegedly told the couple that the association issued them a warning and that any subsequent speeding violations linked to their address would result in the suspension, which the association’s board issued on July 25 after the two delivery drivers got ticketed."

This page will be updated/completed as soon as possible.  Targeting June/July 2019 for completion.

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