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Sater's association with the country of Kazakhstan appears to have started in approximately 2005.  However, it may have been earlier than this.  These are the years Sater was in an advisor role with companies doing a lot of business in Kazakhstan: Sembol Construction and Rixos.

(Sater LinkedIn profile)

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The Chairman of both Sembol Construction and Rixos is Fettah Tamince.  His name was listed in Nellie Ohr's spreadsheet sent to her husband, Bruce Ohr, at the DOJ, along with multiple other names including Felix Sater and Tevfik Arif.

(Nellie Ohr spreadsheet)

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Felix Sater was not sentenced for his role in the 90s stock fraud scam until late 2009, so he was still cooperating with the FBI during the same time he was still working at Bayrock, as well as advising these two companies as of 2005.  By 2010 and shortly following that sentencing, Felix had stopped advising these companies, had left the Bayrock company (at least the U.S. version) and ended up back at Trump Tower a couple of offices down from Donald Trump for most of 2010.  

Fettah Tamince

Fettah Tamince is reportedly close to Turkey President Erdogan.  Or at least was until they had some kind of falling out.  

There are many examples of his companies' construction projects in Kazakhstan. A few of them are the Rixos President Astana, the Pyramid and the Stadium. Projects estimated at $500 million dollars.  Also, some kind of plan for an indoor city.

BBC also wrote an article about Kazakhstan's rising ambitions in October, 2015.

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The BBC in late 2015 had reported, "...under the direction of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has held an iron grip on Kazakhstan since it broke away from the disintegrating Soviet Union in 1991, the country is determined to figure among the world's 30 leading economies by the year 2050. That's despite having a population of fewer than 20 million."  They attributed Nazarbayev's confidence to "Kazakhstan's vast oil and gas reserves, especially along and underneath the Caspian Sea."

Reuters in 2010 reported Nazarbayev and Tamince were on speaking terms enough so his company was building many new Astana projects and Tamince was ensuring a certain project was completed in time for his birthday.

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There is no information on what role Felix Sater would have played while advising Fettah Tamince. 

During the same years Felix Sater was cooperating with the FBI and US intelligence community, while also employed at Bayrock, while also advising both Sembol Construction, Rixos, and later Mirax Group (2008-2010), he was assisting with infiltrating a cyber criminal ring of Russians and Ukrainians. He was also "crucial" to infiltrating two international money laundering networks.

This was a busy, busy guy.  (Felix Sater DOJ 5k1 letter from sentencing late 2009)

*Note the countries denoted here amidst all of the redactions are Russia, Cyprus, and Turkey.

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Due to Felix Sater's start with Bayrock closely following his Dec 1998 signed cooperation agreement with the FBI, one should be able to assume the FBI was aware of where Sater was employed. 


It was their sealing of his criminal felony conviction from the 90s stock fraud scam which enabled him to be able to obtain this type of employment.  Otherwise, even with the bar fight on his record, he would have had a hard time finding employment.  So by 1999, Sater and Tevfik Arif have started Bayrock company. By 2005, Sater is also advising Fettah Tamince, whom Sater was likely introduced to by Arif.  This leads to at some point between 2005 and 2006 Sater meeting the Khrapunovs.  By 2007, he met Muhktar Ablyazov.  

This is where we reach the Kazakhstan meets BTA Bank-Ablyazov alleged stolen billions of dollars part of this unfolding story.  Click here to move on.


WikiLeaks, Fettah Tamince Private Landing Approval in Syria 2009 

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Ahval News reported in September of 2019 Tamince may be facing investigation due to his links to Gulen. 

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